Thief 4 [Full Game Torrent] (PS4)

Thief 4 download link is now live!

Get latest Thief 4 game for your Playstation 4 for free.
Game is already hacked so you can play the whole campaign however there might be some bugs with cutscenes but it won't affect gameplay experience on your next-gen console.

If you find more serious bugs please report.


About new Thief 4 game

Completely new Thief 4 torrent follows the path traced by previous views and consists of a fictionalized missions whereby Garrett steals from wealthy residents with the City following the special occasion to know their secrets and techniques. The player can continue to carry out things in many ways, having a wide range of tools. Thief 4 download contains game torrent for PS4. The main character in-game Garrett is redesigned. Rapidly undoubted skills of fencing, the title thief 4 will probably avoid open confrontation and operates of concealment. In solving or eliminating guards help the pup such toys as special images (eg water to extinguish often the torch or to Deafening distractions), or even keep, which immediately punch stuns target. On the list of additions are claws allow climbing at any levels.

Thief 4 download and the whole game will provide you a number of improvements who relate primarily to the routine of foes. NPCs, including corporativo guards, characteristically, he or she can comb through the home in search of suspicious potential customers and better understand infrastructure tiers. Garrett received for ones famous "focus", overlaying criteria, and these can be interacted by means of. Download Thief 4 torrent for your PS4 console today.



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1. Download Thief 4 [crackyteam].rar
2. Extract content
3. Run torrent file to download the game
4. Using Nero or other similar software put downloaded files to empty DVD disc
5. Put DVD with Thief 4 in your Playstation 4 and start playing!


Thief 4 download ps4
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Download Thief 4 torrent for free!


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