The Last of Us – Season Pass DLC Code Generator (PS3)

We present you Season Pass Code Generator to
the top 2013 PS3 game

The Last of Us


Created by Matt Lance


This DLC gives you:

  • Increased Crafting Speed
  • Increased Healing Speed
  • 9mm Reload Speed Upgrade
  • Rifle Clip Capacity Upgrade
  • Exclusive “Making of” documentary


1. Download .rar
2. Run Season Pass.exe
3. Make sure you are online
4. Click "Generate"
5. Enjoy your free code!


To download Full Game please click HERE.


Download mirrors

Mirror 1

Mirror 2




Got some problems? Read How to download.




15 thoughts on “The Last of Us – Season Pass DLC Code Generator (PS3)

  1. hehe this dlc is funny, its like cheat :D but still good upload bro, thanks for the code. I wonder how can u create those all aps….

  2. good one Daniel :)) i was waiting for this DLC for a long time and now i can have it for free.

    Thanks for such a great oppoorrtunity :)

  3. For me it is the best game of 2013 year.

    It's just masterpiece.
    Thanks for the code man, I really start to like this website :)

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