BioShock: Infinite [full game + crack] torrent (PC)

BioShock: Infinite is the one of most wanted 2013 games.
You don't need to search for crack anymore
as we added one to our torrent pack.


* * *
Special thanks to Razor for the crack.



1. Download .rar
2. Run torrent file to download the game
3. Install the game
4. Extract "Crack" folder content to your game folder
5. Play the game!


  Screenshots & ArtBioShock Infinite download3BioShock Infinite crack


Download links

International link 1

International link 2



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Got some problems? Read How to download.





15 thoughts on “BioShock: Infinite [full game + crack] torrent (PC)

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  2. damn mate… I don't know how you do all those torrents and keygens but you are amazing…

    5/5 from Poland ;) thanks for the game

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